How to become a Tea Leaf Reader

The most amusing aspect of my business is when someone walks up to me on the street where I am reading and they ask “Can you teach me how to do a tea leaf reading?” I ask them what they have in mind and invariably they tell me a Saturday afternoon should do it……

Once a fellow stopped by and asked for instructions because he wanted to set up shop 100 feet down the Promenade from me. I told him I would be happy to teach him, but he would have to come every Saturday afternoon, stay for three hours, and pay me $100.00 a week. I never heard from him again.

Imagine, to learn an art so ancient and amazing in an aftrnoon. In reality, I spent 27 years learning from my grandmother in Michigan. By 80 years of age she had been reading tea leaves for over 60 years. I was so captivated by this process, and loved to be with my grandmother, so I spent as much time at her home, and I promise you we had tea every day (and a Fresh Fortune).

During my college years I studied Theatre and liberal arts. Improvisation for the theatre was divine fun. Makeup, costumes, sets and acting. Spanish, economics, politics, and cultural anthropology, and philosophy have all contributed to my success in my readings. College was four years of intense study that to this day serves me well.

At 27 years of age I moved to California. I started working on the make-up crew of the Long Beach Civic Light Opera and the Long Beach Grand Opera soon after I moved to Los Angeles. That was my night occupation. My makeup as a Reader as I entertain at parties is a direct resul of the large emphasis used in the Opera. I stayed at the Opera for ten years. My day job was working in business management, dealing with sales, personnel and customer service. That was 13 years of learning. What other education did i choose that developed me into being an interesting tea leaf reader?

In 1987 I started a course of metaphysics, this area of study has lasted 30 years. It is my true devotion, and I believe I will continue to study it for quite some time. Metaphysics has taught me so much about how the universe works, I have no fear of any discussion that arises in my readings. No fear but faith.

By the grace of The Divine Universe, I found a therapist that was perfect for me. In 1993 I was in a severe motor vehicle accident in Utah, and one of the best gifts in the world came to me as my therapist, a great Jewish psychiatrist in Beverly Hills. He leads a team of doctors that have helped me to recover from an unforgivable accident. I’ve worked and studied with him for over 25 years.

Now, what else did I study to become a reader? This represents 109 years of study. And there is more to add. I guess I just liked to study. It has made all the difference to me.

But I really don’t think I can teach tea leaf reading in an afternoon.


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